Thursday, October 16, 2008

Another day

My back is still hurting pretty bad, but I can't sit around and do nothing today. We are going up to Idaho this weekend so I need to get laundry done and the house cleaned up before we go. I am not looking forward to a 4hr car trip with my back hurting so much already, but oh well. It's probably the last time we'll be going up there until Christmas.

I wanted to do a little craft with the boys today, but I have to go see if I have what I would need for it, otherwise I'll have to come up with something else. Oh yeah, and I need to fix a couch cushion in the playroom that the boys tore apart :P Silly kids.


Danielle said...

I'm sorry your back hurts so much! You should post pics of the boys and the chocolate mess!

Michelle said...

Sorry you're back is still hurting! That's so hard. :(