Sunday, October 26, 2008

Busy weekend

We had a very fun busy day yesterday. First Hubby and I headed to an old school that had moved and was giving away a bunch of old stuff like bookshelves and chairs and stuff. We found a whiteboard and a little table to put in the boys' playroom. The boys love the whiteboard. I'm glad we got it. Then we went shopping for groceries. After that we got the boys dressed up in their costumes and headed to the city Halloween carnival. They were having a trunk or treat, but we didn't realize it wasn't until a few hours later, so we headed to my parent's house for a little bit then went back. The trunk or treat was ok, though the boys were tired of the stopping and starting (it was way packed) and wanted to stop after just a few cars. Of course I am a horrible mommy and had them keep going cuz I wanted more candy lol. They did enjoy it though and have had way too much sugar the last two days. So after the trunk or treat we had to take my sister somewhere to do someone's makeup for a Halloween party, then we stopped to get a few things for dinner tonight and finally headed home. The boys were exhausted and Jakey didn't get his nap so he was very tired and grumpy. All together it was a fun day though and Jason has been begging to wear his costume all day lol.

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Yay for free stuff!!