Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My loser

My Hubby has been doing really well on his weight loss. He has been following a diet my brother gave him a month or so ago and it has seemed to have some results. I think he's lost around 21 lbs now, which is about 12% of his starting weight. So it looks like I don't have to worry about looking into diet pill reviews just yet since he seems to be doing ok on what he's doing. He only has about 4 more weeks to go in the contest and I just keep hoping that he wins.


Chelle / Chel said...

Those are awesome results! What is the diet he's on?

Kara said...

To clarify, he wasn't on that diet for the whole thing, so not all of the loss is just from that diet :) Anyway, it's pretty much low carb/high fat weekdays and high carb/low fat on weekends, and only drinking water.