Saturday, October 04, 2008

Camera Critters

I keep forgetting to get up a post for this, so it's been a while since I participated, sorry Misty! And since we recently had to reformat our laptop I don't have any pictures except for old ones in my photobucket account. So here is a picture from a few years ago at the zoo.
Yes, at the zoo I took a picture of your average squirrel. Why? Because I think they are cute :D Plus the kids like to see squirrels. And of course in a small town zoo a squirrel is just as exotic as most of the other animals they have lol.

Check out Camera Critters to see some more pics of animals every week.


Jane Hards Photography said...

I just love to see chheky squirrels. We don't get the here.

ratmammy said...

i think they are cute too!

Sandy Kessler said...

my cats keep them pretty far from me darnnSandy

Anonymous said...

I never seem squirrels in my city. I only saw squirrels once thi year, on the mountain. Years ago, I had already found there were very few dogs in my town,I guess most of them were eaten. Our people eat almost anything.