Thursday, October 02, 2008

Busy bee

I had a pretty busy day yesterday and didn't get much done after all. The boys and I went to see Melissa and her girls. It was about an hour drive because of traffic, but it was fun to get to meet a blogging friend. Her girls are so adorable and the kids got along great. I know my boys had a fun time. Because of some road construction on the way home it took longer than usual to get home and I was a little late for my scout den meeting, but that was ok. After scouts I went home and made dinner and then my brother and his girlfriend came over and didn't go home until late, so I just didn't have time to do any cleaning yesterday.

But I'm making up for it today. I already did dishes and need to do another load. I've also been working on cleaning out the office/storage room. One of our cats accidentally got shut in there all night and I had to find a mess he left for us. Since I've been meaning to clean up that room I decided that was a good reason to finally do that. You couldn't even walk through the room before, but I was able to reorganize the closet to put a ton of boxes in there and even made room to bring in the rest of our food storage stuff that was still in my sisters room. I think we are going to move the couch from the office into the playroom too, though I wish we had a slipcover for it because it is so trashed.

Anyway, I'm just sitting here rambling away because I needed to take a break from moving boxes and stuff. I'm going to eat some lunch and get back to cleaning.

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