Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Leaf Art

The other day I decided to look up fun fall activities to do with the kids to try to bring a little more creativity into our home and interaction. A fun, simple idea I saw was to do leaf rubbings. Since I am not very creative normally, I thought this would be the perfect activity to start out our fall.
I gathered a handful of leaves off the trees in our yard in different sizes and shapes. Then I had the boys gather a few of their already broken and de-papered crayons. Then we just needed a few sheets of paper and we were ready to get started.
I demonstrated to the boys how you can put a leaf under the paper and rub it with a crayon and it makes a colorful leaf appear on the paper. Once they understood the basic concept they got to work.
I had to help Jakey with his a little bit, but Jason just took off on his own. Although it only lasted about 5 minutes, it was a nice little activity that we could do together. We then hung the art on the fridge so they can show Daddy when he gets home.


Dawn said...

Those are really cute!

Anonymous said...

Today I had to take a test in one of my classes and after not doing so well I came to work and these pictures reminded my of what life is all about.....Family!! Thanks Kara for sharing these adorable pictures with me! Tell my boys I love them!

Anonymous said...

You seriously have the cutest boys!

Steph said...

I'm gonna have to do that with my kids. They are wayyy into projects lately. I'll hae to send you some of the pictures we've done. Cute and easy!!