Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sitting pretty

One thing I've been thinking about with another kid coming is getting a new carseat/booster for Jason soon. He is starting to get too tall for his carseat and I've been wanting to get him one of those seats that has the 5-point harness for bigger kids and converts to a booster, but right now we don't have the money for the one's I have been thinking about, like the Britax Frontier that has the 5-point harness up to 80lbs and is a seatbelt booster up to 100lbs. With something like that we wouldn't have to get Jason a new seat ever. Anyway, when we got to the inlaws last night she asked us if we want this high-back booster she bought. That would be a big help. Then we wouldn't have to worry about getting a new seat for a while and could use Jason's seat for the baby when he gets bigger.

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