Sunday, May 17, 2009

Late night

We've never had curtains for our house. It was just an extra expense we never got around to. But today we finally changed that. We went out and bought a bunch of curtains and rods for most of the rooms in the house. I love the curtains we picked out for the boys' rooms, they are really cute. We started putting them up tonight, but it took a lot longer to put up the rod in the family room than planned, so we only got a few up. Now it's way past bedtime and I am so exhausted I can't think straight (or spell, I had to retype that last sentence a couple times lol). At least I got out of Hubby's idea of a fun night- walking around in sexy bride lingerie. *rolling eyes* Such a guy.

Well, I better get to bed before I get sucked into another episode of Home Improvement.