Sunday, May 17, 2009

Have you seen Star Trek yet?

Yesterday Hubby and I went to see the new Star Trek movie. My little sister came over to watch the boys, except the baby. Luckily Nathan is still young enough that he will nap through a whole movie so we took him with us and he did great. I always look up movie times online (and for some reason I always think Westates Theaters is Westgate, dunno why) so I can see all the options available. We have lots of theaters around but usually go to the nearest one even though we could save a few bucks by going to one a little further away.

So, anyway (yeah, I'm tired and just rambling on cuz my brain went to sleep a few hours ago), anyway the movie was great! I really enjoyed the action scenes and character relationships. It was also really funny, a lot of great lines. Definitely one we will be buying when it comes out. And you don't even have to know much about the original series to enjoy the show. I didn't watch the original series much (I'm a Next Generation fan) but still loved the show. And of course it helps that Chris Pine is pretty good to look at! LOL

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