Saturday, May 02, 2009

Did you miss me?

I guess I never mentioned that I was going away for 5 days huh? Well, this week we took a little vacation to Bear Lake, UT. We left Monday and got back Friday evening. On the way there we had to stop in Logan for my orthodontist appointment and to stop at USU to get my transcript transferred down here. (Oh, did I mention I'm going back to school this fall?!) We let the boys run around on the quad at USU for a bit to stretch their legs before we continued on.

Hubby's family joined us up there. We were able to get the 3 room condo this year so there was plenty of room because it can sleep up to 14 people I think. I love Hubby's company's condos. Not only are they free for us to use one week a year, but they come stocked with everything you need besides food (though they have popcorn, hot chocolate, and condiments to use). There are tons of movies and games, even a Playstation. That all came in handy since it was too cold to go to the beach. We watched tons of TV. (Had to keep up on the news since I was offline the whole time. Lots of stories about swine flu and that diet drug being recalled. Personally I would only take nutritional health supplements if my doctor told me, I'm not surprised that it was recalled.)

I put together a lot of puzzles. I love to do puzzles but rarely get to at home because I get too many interruptions and the kids destroy them before I can finish. At Bear Lake I had tons of time on my hands plus the inlaws kept the boys entertained, so I did 4 or 5 puzzles.

We did go to the beach a little, but it was too cold and windy to stay long. We let the boys build sandcastles (aka big piles of dirt). There was a playground for them to play on too.

We all had a great time relaxing and spending time together, and the week went by way too quickly. Hopefully next year we can get the condo during a warmer time so we can go swimming and spend more time outside, but if not it is still fun to go and relax no matter what time of year.

I've been up way too late now so I better get to bed. Maybe I'll post tomorrow about the jam I made tonight, mmmm.


~Cmac~ said...

That's awesome that you are going back to school! what will you be studying?

Kara said...

I'm going into computer information systems