Sunday, May 24, 2009


Lately our laptop keeps freezing up. It used to be super fast but now I frequently have to sit and wait for it to unfreeze. It happens every few minutes. I first thought it was a virus, or that we needed some more notebook memory, but I'm beginning to think it's the latest version of Firefox. It started about the time it updated to the latest version, and Hubby says his work computer has a problem with Firefox too. I could just use Internet Explorer, but then I'd have to actually spend a whole 2 minutes setting all my bookmarks up over there lol. Plus I'm used to Firefox, I don't like IE.


Mike said...

Hope it unfreezes soon.

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Together We Save said...

My work computer, whick is where I blog the most, got sall crazy a few weekes ago. It had something to do with a coupon link.

Michelle said...

Ours has been starting up really slow and I have no idea why. Maybe it's from the new Firefox, we just updated ours too.

I hate having computer problems. If I didn't need the thing, I wouldn't use it lol!