Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sock Monkey Review

I was so excited to get the chance to review an adorable Sock Monkey from I just knew this would be a toy my boys would love.
When I received our sock monkey I was happy to see it was even cuter than I thought it would be. It comes with a little hat and scarf that are removable. Also, to my surprise, there are magnets located in the hands, feet, and hat. And we all know that magnets make everything more fun! My boys were ecstatic when I told them I had mail for them and took off with the sock monkey as soon as I took it out of the package. (Well, as soon as I let them take it from me lol. I was having fun playing with the magnetic parts!)
This sock monkey is very colorful and cute. Unfortunately after just a short time playing with it, the boys brought it to me. One of the arms came off. Luckily it is an easy fix, I just need to grab a needle and thread and put in a few stitches. And one of these days I promise I will get it taken care of. Good thing the hands are magnetic so we haven't lost the arm.

Check out and see the adorable sock monkeys they offer! They would make a great gift for your kids.

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