Friday, February 20, 2009

Tired for nothing

Do you ever have one of those days where nothing got done but you still feel exhausted? That is me today. My back was hurting really bad so instead of cleaning up the playroom like I really need to I just sat around doing nothing but taking care of the boys. Jason and Jakey were supposed to help clean up their messes but they just ignored me. I did finally update their 365 blogs since I haven't updated them in 2 weeks. After dinner Hubby and I got started on our taxes. We've been waiting for a 1099, but since it still hasn't shown up we just added up what he made from that company ourselves so we could get it done. Unfortunately the IRS is busy updating some information on an adjustment on home selling or something like that so we can't file until they have that done March 4th. What a pain. Taxes were so much easier before we owned anything lol.

So I'm heading to bed. If I can find time tomorrow I still have a post I've been meaning to write about my boys' new favorite toy.

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