Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Home again!

Boy, I'm exhausted! We had a long long weekend. Our van broke down while we were up in Idaho visiting the inlaws. We ended up staying an extra day to get it fixed so we just got home today. At least I did my laundry up there so I just need to unpack the clean laundry lol. I didn't realize I'd left the house a mess when we went up last week, so we came home to a pigsty. But I'm not tackling it today, we are tired. I'm going to head to bed soon. Tomorrow I need to clean up the house, go visiting teaching, and hopefully get our taxes done if one final paper shows up. Plus I still need to update the boys' 365 blogs and do a post I've been meaning to write. And one of these days I need to get around to making picture calendars for family that I have been meaning to make for months, and start planning my garden. Better get some sleep if I want to get any of that done! Goodnight!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, going on vacation is tough. It's hard when you get home and have to unpack and clean...I feel for ya. I am glad you got your vehicle fixed. It stinks that you broke down!