Sunday, February 08, 2009

Missing church

Today we forgot that we didn't have our regular church meetings. Instead we had Stake Conference, and it was earlier than our normal church time. So I started walking to church (we live 2 doors down from it) and see the empty parking lot and then remembered. So we headed back to the house and had our own little church lesson at home. It made the day seem a lot longer not to have church. And next weekend we won't be going to church here either since we are planning to go up to Idaho. We'll be staying with Hubby's family for a few days. We have to get our van's windshield replaced, and Hubby's dad owns an autobody shop so we are having him do it. Plus I was thinking that since we will be there Valentine's Day maybe MIL can watch the boys so we can go out.

OK, Nathan is crying to be fed so I need to go take care of him and maybe go to bed early today.

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