Friday, February 06, 2009

I like to window shop

The infant car seat we use for Nathan is the one I got when I was pregnant with Jason, so it is about 5 years old now. That means it won't be useful much longer. For those who don't know, most car seats have an expiration of 6 years. This is because over time the plastic weakens and can break. So I can still use the seat for Nathan, but when we have our next kid I will have to buy a new one. I was checking out to see what kind of selection they have available and if they have any good seats on sale. They have quite a few to choose from in a range of prices. There is a really cute Evenflo Car Seat that I like.

Of course I don't need to get a new one yet, so I'm just window shopping for fun. But while looking around I also found a cool little item that I think would be nice to have. It's the Prop-Os Head Support and Seat Strap Covers. This keeps the straps from chafing the baby's skin and it keeps their head from lolling to the side, both problems that I have with our seat. Nathan always looks so uncomfortable strapped in and gets red marks on his neck from the straps, so this kind of thing would be pretty helpful when he falls asleep in his seat. I'm always worried when his head falls over to the side that he can't breathe well. We have a little seat insert that has padded sides but it doesn't help because it doesn't really support his head very well. I also like that will show you what other merchants carry an item and the price, in case they don't have it in stock. This is actually over half off at the merchant they listed, less than $7, and with shipping it's still less than the original list price.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, now those are just too cool!!! I could use a set of those for Emily.