Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's the little things

My last post reminded me of something lol. Whenever we take our car in to get the oil changed and stuff at WalMart, they have the waiting room you can sit in. There a vending machine, TV, a bunch of chairs and not much room for a shopping cart full of kids and groceries. And of course there are a dozen car magazines. And maybe a Field & Stream mag. And as much as I love to read about car lifts and concept cars, it would be nice if there was something a woman would like to read. Men aren't the only ones who need to have their oil changed. Even something like US Weekly would be nice. Not that there's much time to read when chasing little kids across flimsy metal chairs in a tiny waiting room playing keep away from the coffee machine.


NJ said...

AMEN SISTER. That is very sexist, I agree!

Anonymous said...

Reading would be nice, but who has time?! *LOL*