Thursday, September 01, 2011

First Day of School

Arg, one of these days life will slow down right?! No? Yeah, didn't think so. :P

OK, so first day of school pictures! Jason started first grade this year and Jakey started Kindergarten. At first it was so weird having Jason gone all day. He was so thrilled to get to take lunch with him. We didn't do much back to school shopping. They didn't really need a lot. They have enough clothes (though come colder weather we may have to buy some more pants) and they didn't have any supply lists to buy. Jason needed some new shoes so we got him some cheap sandals. When it gets cooler we will need to get some easy spirit sneakers or something cuz I think his tennis shoes are getting snug. We also got him a lunch box and a few basic school supplies. Jakey didn't need anything, though he might also need some new shoes by the time it's cold out. Anyway, enough chatter, here's my cuties on their first day of school.



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Michelle said...

Look at how handsome they are!! Can you believe you have two in school? Weren't they babies not too long ago? lol (I did update my blog finally too. :)