Sunday, September 18, 2011

At your fingertips

I often think about what the Internet was like when I first started using it back when I was like 12. The main browser was Netscape Navigator, and you had to pay for it because Internet Explorer at the time sucked (at the time? doesn't it still? lol). There wasn't a whole lot of information on everything out there, it took forever to find stuff because of the slow dial up connection, and there were not many social networking sites. Nowadays everything is on the Internet. You want a new outfit? Look up wet seal coupons. Need help with your homework? Look it up! (I've been doing that lately with my HTML class). Movie times, local news, random tidbits of information. It's all on the Internet, along with all the people you want to talk with. Pretty cool for someone who remembers life without it.

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