Sunday, September 18, 2011


I'm on a few messageboards with women who have babies the age of my twins and now that our babies are all around 7-8 months old and getting mobile there have been many discussions about babyproofing. I've gone through 3 other kids so we have the outlet covers, baby gates, and cabinet locks pretty well covered. One thing I mentioned to some of those first time moms is something I think gets overlooked a lot- securing furniture. TVs that don't have tv mounts on the wall like ours should be connected to the wall, I know you can buy safety straps that connect the TV to the wall. Also dressers, entertainment centers, book cases, curio cabinets, etc should all be secured to the wall at a stud. Once those babies start pulling up on things you want what they are grabbing to be as sturdy as possible with no chance of it falling on them. Cords should be out of the way too so they can't pull lamps, candle warmers, CD players, etc down on them. My boys are now army crawling around the house so it's time for me to make sure things are safe by getting some cords tucked away, replacing a few outlet covers, and getting out the gates.

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