Sunday, September 18, 2011

Shop Class

One of my favorite classes in junior high was shop. I totally loved working with tools and making stuff. I still do like to make stuff, and I'm pretty much the handy one around here, except when it comes to power saws. In junior high I wasn't afraid of band saw blades or circular saws or anything. It was so cool to get to use them. But now I've gotten wimpy lol. I let Hubby handle the sharp stuff. I think having kids has made me soft, plus I worry about them getting hurt by anything. And I think part of it is not having a designated "shop" area, it doesn't feel like I have a safe place to use those kind of tools. We have a work bench in the garage but it's pretty messy and I wish we had some nice strong clamps for when we need to saw stuff, usually I'm acting as a human clamp while Hubby saws lol.

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