Friday, September 30, 2011

Stop the train...

...I want to get off! I seriously feel like life is going by too fast to keep up. My house is a mess, I can barely keep things straight with the boys' school, college, appointments, kids, etc, and I'm just exhausted because I haven't had a good night's rest in who knows how long. I love my life and my kids, and actually enjoy my college classes, but I just need everything to freeze for a few days so I can catch my breath! We went out to eat tonight, and after dinner I noticed Jason's shorts were inside out. His blue plaid shorts that he was wearing with a tan and orange striped shirt. Oh yeah, he's the height of fashion! I've given up on caring if they're wearing carhartt pants with a long sleeve shirt in 80* weather, or if anything matches, or if they've been wearing the same outfit for 3 days (ok, maybe not that last one, I try to notice if they haven't changed their clothes when I tell them to lol). As long as everyone is fed, dressed, gets to bed before midnight and is reasonably clean I count it a successful day.
I know this crazy time won't last forever. Eventually I will be done with school. Eventually the babies will sleep through the night. And eventually I will get around to the million chores I'm slacking at. But for now I'm in triage, taking care of what needs to be done most first. My kids are loved, the babies are happy and healthy, and the boys and I are doing well in school. When I have a free minute I prefer to spend it relaxing with my boys instead of making the house spotless. And I'm lucky to have an amazing husband who helps me with the house and kids, picking up my slack. One day I'll have an empty clean house and wish for the days when I had a full messy house. :)
"Quiet down cobwebs, dust go to sleep. I'm rocking my baby, and babies don't keep."

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Michelle said...

It won't last forever and it really sounds like what you're doing is fine. Kudos to you and all your hard work juggling everything!!