Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Wondeful 4th of July Weekend

Boy this past weekend sure wore me out! It was tons of fun though. We spent most of Saturday at the park with my family, eating and playing. Then we watched the fireworks. The boys enjoyed it. Jakey covered his ears the whole time, as usual. Jason fell asleep near the end, and Nathan was wide-eyed until the end when he too started to fall asleep. Last year it took us 2hrs to get out of the park because of traffic, so this year we timed it so that we started packing up a few minutes before the end and we were pulling out just as the finale finished. No traffic problems, yay! And another plus was that I didn't feel very sick at all the whole day so I got to enjoy everything! Then Sunday we had a nice relaxing day and lit some fireworks and sparklers with the boys that night. My little sis spent the night so we stayed up way too late with her, then spent Monday relaxing and playing and hubby grilled hamburgers and hotdogs for lunch. It was so nice that he had the 5th off. So it's been fun, but way too many late nights for me! I'm still trying to catch up on sleep. Hubby was awesome and let me take a nap for a few hours Sunday afternoon though. I'm going to try to get pics from this weekend, and other recent pics, up in the next few days. I hate getting months behind on that. I also have a review to put up soon (I love when companies want me to try stuff out, like promotional items and stuff) so I will get that up after some pics.

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