Thursday, July 08, 2010


By the time it was starting to get dark we were getting tired of being at the park and debating whether we should just head home. But we didn't want to deprive the kids of seeing the fireworks we'd been talking up all week. And I'm happy we stayed because I love seeing my kids faces as they watch the fireworks. Jakey always keeps his ears covered, Nathan was just in awe, and Jason really enjoys them.

I always try to get pictures of the actual fireworks and I always fail. I just have no clue what setting my camera should be in to actually get them to show up clear and pretty.
One of Hubby's cousins got married that night. We had debated going ever since the wedding invitations went out, but we decided that we didn't want to spend the whole day driving (it was 4 hrs away) and miss the fireworks and time at the park. I bet it was cool for them to top of their wedding night with real fireworks though lol.

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