Saturday, July 10, 2010

First checkup

I had my first prenatal appointment yesterday. I was a bit bummed that the office I'm going to doesn't do an early ultrasound, since I've gotten them with all my other kids. I was really looking forward to seeing the little bean. But at least we did get to hear the heartbeat. Sounded nice and perfect. Did all the regular bloodwork and checks and everything is looking good. I was measuring a few weeks bigger than I am already, hopefully that doesn't mean I'll just get bigger this time and have a harder time getting rid of belly fat after baby comes. And they are going to check my blood sugar too to make sure it's ok because my glucose was pretty high. But the midwife and her student that I met with were really nice and overall the appointment went well. My little sister spent the night Thursday so she could watch the boys for me during the appointment. That made it so much easier. It's a pain to take little kids to that kind of appointment.

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Melissa said...

How exciting to hear the heartbeat and how nice of your sister to babysit!