Thursday, July 08, 2010

Patriotic Parade

Let's see where I left off. Looks like next up was the Primary Patriotic Parade at the church. The kids all decorate their bikes, scooters, etc and then ride around the block. It's really cute and the boys were looking forward to it for weeks. I stayed back at the church helping get food and stuff set up, because they do lunch and stuff after. My mother-in-law, her daughter, and a friend were there for the day so they joined Hubby and the kids on the ride and took pictures for me. I didn't realize the camera lense had a smudge on it until after though, so there's a bit of a blur on most of the pics.

They also got to break pinatas and decorate cupcakes after. So they had plenty of sugar (especially since we went straight to a birthday party after where they had cake, ice cream, and a goody bag of candy lol). They even get a police escort (so there's no need for a Texas Truck accident lawyer) that stopped traffic at the intersection for them to cross. The boys loved it and had a great time.

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