Friday, July 09, 2010

Sometimes paying for extras really is the best deal

One of the best purchasing decisions we have made in regards to furniture is getting the fabric protection warranty for our new sectional. It cost a few extra hundred dollars, but it covers cleaning on the couch for anything like drinks, foods, and bodily fluids. And with 3 little boys we unfortunately have a lot of that last one. So anytime the kids spill something, pee their pants while sitting on the couch, throw up on it, etc we just call up RC Willey and for free somebody comes out and cleans it. It has seriously been so worth the money. Last winter we had a few weeks where they were coming out almost every single day because we had sick kids throwing up all over the place. The cleaning company who does it is also very nice and professional and never seems annoyed to see us frequently. This week we had them come out because Nathan had diarrhea last week and spilled milk all over it and they cleaned the whole thing all nice. So of course 2 days later Jason had to pee his pants while sitting on the nice clean couch. So I called them up again today and they'll probably be out here early next week. So, if you have little kids and are ever offered a fabric protection warranty on new furniture I highly recommend going for it. The only better thing would be to get modern furniture that's all steel and leather and easy to wipe off or hose down lol. But for big comfy couches it is well worth it. An example of how much this has saved us- a few months ago we paid this same company to clean our other two couches that are not under warranty. Last year our cats went through a phase of peeing on them when they were in heat (the main motivation to get them fixed when we did!) and no matter what we did to clean them we couldn't get the smell all out. So we had them deep cleaned. It cost $200 for them to clean those 2 couches (a regular cleaning probably would have been half the price, but they needed more). Now considering our sectional is much bigger and that we've used them probably 20 times in the last year and it's a 7 year warranty, it has definitely been a better deal to pay the few hundred dollars for the warranty and be able to get them cleaned whenever needed!

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