Wednesday, July 07, 2010


That is going to be all for tonight, but don't worry more pictures will be going up tomorrow. I still have the 4th of July to get to of course. One of these days I will just learn to post pictures as soon as they are taken, but probably not anytime soon lol. I need to make myself to do lists. I've got things to do to prepare for the baby (well not really too much, I've never sent out baby announcements and have most of the gear, and if it's a boy I really need nothing), house to take care of, and remembering to eat every two hours lol. My to do list would look like this- do dishes, eat, put laundry in, eat, take laundry out, eat, sweep floor, eat, vacuum, etc. :D


Anonymous said...

Hi Kara, I have a parenting question but cant seem to email you cuz my computer doesnt have outlook, lol. So Im leaving it here.
My name is Pamela (email add: Im the proud Mom of a 13yr old son. (stay strong, sleep eventually comes back to you hun). How blessed you are, ur kids are gorgeous as Im sure you already know :) Fun to be a Mom huh :)
Here is my question: How to get an 8YR OLD to sleep in his own bed? Shocking right? At 8? Yes..Pls Help.
My girlfriend has an 8yr old boy who has been sleeping with her for almost a yr now. He just REFUSES to sleep in his room or his bed. He hasnt gone thru anything at that time (last yr) to bring this on. He goes to bed in her room becuz otherwise he just wont go to bed and they argue. He gets soo
inconsolable that she allows him to fall asleep in her bed. If he does fall asleep on his own on the couch OR on occassion in his bed and wakes up they argue again about him not sleeping with her when she tries to put him in his room. She is at her wits end. Ive told her to talk to his pediatrician and she has but nothing is working. They are both loosing major sleep and she is becomming frustrated before he goes to bed knowing what the night will hold. I was wondering if you knew of any Mom's with an 8yr old or around the same age whom you can ask advice from? If anyone reading this can.. my email address is at the top of the comment. I WOULD appreciate ANY help Mom's... My g/f is a single Mom and as we all know... loosing sleep can make everything else in life look bleak when it really isnt anything that the rest of us has gone thru right :) Thank you Ladies. Thank you Kara, I enjoy your website :)
Pamela (aks: Mikes Mom)

Kara said...

Thank you for your comment :) I really don't have any experience with kids that age, yet, and most of my friends don't have kids that age either. My only suggestion is that if a child that age is having such a hard time sleeping in his own bedroom that perhaps it would be best for the parent and child to speak with a child psychologist to see if there is any underlying issues. I hope if any of my readers with older children read this they would have some more advice. That is a difficult issue and I can imagine how exhausted your friend is from fighting with her son over this.