Friday, July 09, 2010

Water + Electronics = Not Good

So today Jakey tried to destroy our iPod Touch. Oh, did I ever mention we got that? It's awesome! I love it. And the kids love it. Even Nathan has learned how to go to the kid games and play them.

Anyway, so Jakey decided that the iPod needed to be washed. Yikes! I thought he was washing his hands, but I turned around and noticed he had the iPod under the running water. I yelled, "Jakey, no!" and he told me it needed cleaned. I ran over and grabbed it away and hurried and dried it off as much as possible but the screen wasn't working right. I could still see it but barely, it was very dim. I shut it off and stuck it in a bag of rice to hopefully suck out the moisture. Hubby just tried it and it seems to be ok now, though I'm going to leave it in the rice for another day just to make sure it's all dry.

I've heard there is iphone 4 insurance; I wonder if they have that for the iPod Touch. I didn't get too mad at Jakey because he didn't know better and he was just trying to clean it, but I'll definitely be watching the kids more carefully when they are playing it!

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