Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday Madness

Well, today has been kind of busy. This morning we went over to our new house again, this time to check out the gas hookup for the dryer. It wasn't in the listing so we were worried that we'd have to have one installed and it would have been a pain. But it turns out that they already have it. Then we went to Sears and Lowes to look at refrigerators. Found one we kind of liked but wanted to keep looking so we came home for a bit. My sister dyed my hair blond (we aren't all done yet) and cut it. While she was cutting I suddenly smelled fingernail polish really strong. Jason had decided to paint my mom's bedroom wall as well as himself with red fingernail polish. One of those moments were we had to laugh to keep from screaming and crying. He still has it stuck to his skin, and a big red spot on his head. A guy at RC Willey tonight asked if he fell and hit his head lol. It seriously looked like he had blood all over. My bro took a pic on his phone and I'm going to have him email it to me sometime.

So this evening we went to Home Depot and RC Willey to look at fridges again. Home Depot had a very small pricey selection so we left there pretty quick. But the RC Willey Outlet Center has a huge clearance area and we found a really nice one for a great price just because it has a tiny dent and scratch on the bottom corner (we didn't even notice it until we actively looked over the whole thing), plus they threw in a 5 year warranty for no extra cost. Now we are just crossing our fingers that it will fit in our new house since the space is 36" wide and the fridge is about 35 7/8". We are planning to get a new dishwasher and range as well at one point to match, but that will have to wait.

That's been our day so far. Now I need to eat something and get the boys ready for bed. They are exhausted cuz they hardly napped at all today.


Rachel said...

Sounds exhausting. Good luck with the move!

Stacey said...

I have some lovely pics of Josh from when he was 2 years old,covered in dark red nail polish. I was getting ready for a doctor's appointment and when I came into the living room,I found him sitting on the rug while painting his legs.

Good luck with the move and getting the rest of your appliances. I hope you find some good deals!