Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Mess Makers

My boys have been so crazy the last few days. Yesterday Jason painted Jakey's head with diaper rash cream. That stuff does not just wash out lol, so he walked around with grey hair all day. Then they dumped out a container of Lemon-Shine stuff (dishwasher stuff) all over the couches, carpet, and Jakey's head, of course. And again, that stuff doesn't just come out of hair when it's cemented in with diaper rash cream, so he had a gritty grey head. They repeatedly dumped out the contents of the game cupboard, they especially love the Risk pieces and Uno cards. Today they have just been on the go all day too, making messes and getting in trouble. Boy, I wish it was summer already so we could go outside and play to release some of there energy!


Michelle said...

Oh my. That sounds like quite the day and I thought I had it rough. I agree that the summer helps to release some of that energy. It can't come soon enough!

*I gave you an award on my blog.*

Anonymous said...

Gritty grey head just made me giggle...of course I'm not the one that has to clean all of that up. That'll be a good story to tell him later... :)