Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ride em comboy

When I was a teenager my dad bought our family a horse. He was big, I think 15-16 hands tall, and beautiful. His name was Red Dancer but we just called him Red. Red was a bit stubborn though. He didn't really like most people to ride him, the only ones he let ride him regularly were my dad and me. He actually threw one of my brothers off and almost stomped on his head, that was scary. I never had any equestrian apparel or anything special, but we had the basics and although it was work to go over to the pasture and feed and brush him and dig the ice out of his hoofs in the winter, it was fun too. Unfortunately we didn't get to keep him long. For a while my birth mom kept him, because she had a small corral area, but eventually it got too expensive and he was sold. One day I'd love to have a horse again.

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