Saturday, June 16, 2012

Car upgrade

Right now our family has 2 vehicles- the minivan which is used when we have to go anywhere as a family, and a car that Hubby drives to work and we use if just a few of us are going somewhere. Eventually we are planning to trade in the minivan for something with more seating, since we plan to have more kids. There really aren't many family vehicles that seat 9 without being a huge 15 passenger van, which I don't want. I'm thinking something like a Suburban, or maybe I can find a 10 passenger van. And it would be awesome to have some extra features we've never had before. I don't need gps for truckers since our phones have GPS anyway, but automatic doors or built in DVD players would be nice. And really, I need whatever we get to still fit in the garage. I've gotten too spoiled with my garage to have to get into a boiling hot vehicle, or drag all my kids out in the snow and rain to go anywhere. It has been really nice not having a car payment for a few years, so it'll stink to have that again, but luckily we will get Hubby's student loans paid off next year so we will have that income available for it.

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