Friday, June 15, 2012


As the years have passed, we've morphed from the poor college student mismatched furniture to more new pieces that go together, but if you look around the house a bit you will see things that don't quite match. In the living room we have matched couches with a coffee table and end table set. And then there's the old nightstand in place of another end table. It almost matches in color so it can get overlooked unless you are trying to point it out. It would be nice to find matching small end tables at, but we just live with it for now because it's not a priority. And in the family room we have mismatched furniture: a black and chrome desk, a dark reddish wood TV stand, a lighter wood sewing desk, a dark changing table, and a white bookshelf. Nothing really matches at all lol. But again, it's all functional as is, so not a priority. We definitely have more furniture than we started out with almost 9 years ago!

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