Friday, June 22, 2012

Going camping!

My family hasn't gone camping in about 5 years. We go to Bear Lake every year but we get to stay in nice condos. We went a few times with my friend Michelle's family when we lived in Idaho, but haven't gone at all since moving back to Utah. Well, tonight we are changing that. Some of my family decided to go tonight and invited us. Since we have no plans tonight or tomorrow we decided to give it a go. My biggest worry is getting the babies to sleep okay. We only have one small travel pack n play and I don't think they will sleep together in it very well. Which means I won't sleep very well lol. Need some kind of contactless card separator between them. But I think the boys are going to enjoy the trip. Hubby is stopping at the store on his way home for a few things we need (like marshmallows!). I better go finish getting our camping gear out. Hopefully our tent works fine. I set it up about 3 years ago when I was a scout leader with my den, and some of the stretchy cord that holds the poles together was broken, but I think I recall fixing those. I sure hope so lol. We have a couple little kid fishing poles in our garage, I may get them down and see if they work just in case there's a stream nearby the campground so I can teach the boys to fish. I'm getting excited!

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