Friday, June 15, 2012


Recently one of my brothers and his wife bought a house, and one of my sisters and her family have been house-hunting as well. It reminds me of the excitement and stress we went through buying our home in ID and then here. I remember one in ID that was nice a big and had cool checkered garage flooring, but reeked of cigarette smoke. It was also up some winding hills that would have been crazy in winter. Another we never even went in because just seeing the neighborhood was enough to send us running. We didn't see any terrible ones here in UT, but a lot of them were just too small, tiny kitchens, and not enough room for the large family we want. Both in ID and here, when we finally saw the house we wanted we knew right away it was the one and immediately put offers in and got them. It's worth it to check out lots of houses to find just the right one.

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Isabel said...

We actually made the mistake of buying a house that smelled like cigarettes (thinking we could just air it out!). 3 years later I still get whiffs of it sometimes. YUCK! Good you listened to your intuition!