Thursday, August 19, 2010

Nice rainy day

Today was such a nice day. Cool and rainy and great. It's been in the 90's for most of the last month with very little rain so it felt great to be in the 60-70s with a nice breeze and the scent of rain in the air. I got to open my windows and let in the fresh air and sunshine without worrying about heating up the house. Plus I didn't have to water my garden. We should still have another month in the 80-90s before it cools down, and I know I should try to enjoy it before the cold winter weather kicks in, but especially after having to walk to the school and back twice every day, I've gotten very tired of the heat and bright sun.

I guess I better head to bed soon. But tomorrow I will be back, I still need to write a CSN review (and look through their stores some more for something I want, they really have tons of stuff, I wouldn't be surprised to see jewelry making tools there), and I'm going to take a pic of my baby belly, I may put it up if it's not too hideous lol. Oh, did I mention we get to find out what we are having in less than 2 weeks?! So excited!

Anyway, my thoughts are really scattered cuz I need to head to bed. My brain really stops functioning as soon as it gets dark out lol.

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