Friday, August 20, 2010


So, I've been going through my old posts and pictures on my camera to see if I have any fun pics that I haven't posted since the last time I did a big update. It's funny because a lot of pictures on my memory card are from the boys playing with the camera. So there are quiet a few pics of the ceiling, tv, toes, fingers, noses, and blurry somethings. And then most of the rest of the pictures are of Nathan. He LOVES getting his picture taken and any time he sees the camera he gets a huge grin and goes "TEESE!" over and over, and then he gets mad when you put the camera away. Also, now that we got new phones, we can take better pictures with them so when he sees the little camera thing on the back of the phone he does the same thing. So funny. Speaking of which, I am really loving my new phone. My last one really didn't completely recover from the repeated dunking Nathan gave it a few months ago, so for a while I'd been using an old phone that my sister-in-law gave me. Finally for Hubby's birthday he talked me into letting him get the new HTC EVO 4G phone, and since he was getting a cool new phone I decided I deserved one too. We went to a few different Sprint stores (for some reason only some of them allowed you to get on a list to get the backordered EVO and others it was first come first serve. They just need to get faster wholesale distributors for that phone I think) and the lady helping us showed me a few different ones and I settled on the Samsung Intercept. In pink of course. It's an android phone that has a slide out keyboard, touch screen, and google apps. It's really cool. Oh and it has a micro-SD card so I can easily transfer pics and stuff from my phone to my computer. I really like that. It took a while to get used to how the apps work because I was so used to using our iPod Touch and still prefer how the iPod apps work, but I've gotten the hang of it now.

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