Thursday, August 19, 2010

Always a mess

Last week Nathan flooded our main bathroom and laundry room. He loves playing in the toilet and stuck a little bath toy in it, which caused it to completely plug up. Then he flushed it over and over. I couldn't hear what he was doing because our loud a/c was going, so by the time I realized what happened the water had reached the garage door. Thankfully it hadn't gotten to the carpet yet (very close though!) and Jason and Jakey helped me clean it up with a dozen towels. Jakey also was able to reach in the toilet and get the toy out so we didn't have to take the thing apart. We try to remind the boys that they need to remember to close either the laundry room or bathroom door every time they go in there. Nathan can open the doors that have a pull down latch but not the twist kind of knobs. Unfortunately most of our doors have the pull down latches, but at least the laundry room and bathroom downstairs don't so as long as it's shut he can't get in. Yet. I know all too well how quickly kids learn out to open doors, then unlock a deadbolt lock, and then they figure out how to work the child safety locks. We have to have our deadbolt locked on the front and garage doors at all times to keep Nathan inside. At least when he gets big enough to undo those we have locks at the top of the door as well that we can resort to.

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