Friday, August 20, 2010

Can you sew on a button?

On Wednesday night I went to a Relief Society meeting where we learned about altering clothes, modesty, and a few basic stitches. We all made a little sampler of stitches that had the motto "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without" on it, and I taught how to sew on a button. I'm always amazed at how many women don't know how to sew a button on. I've had to do it a lot because when Sam was an indoor dog he loved to chew buttons off anything, especially the boys' dress shirts. One of the ladies was showing off some cute shirts she made by using extra fabric to create decoration on the shirts. I've seen similar things online, and they are really cute, but it's really not my style. I've also seen online ladies who can make cute little girl dresses out of vintage t shirts. That I would love to learn if I ever get a girl. Not that I have any shirts that would make cute dresses, but I'm sure I could find some at thrift shops. There are so many cute little girl things that I'd love to learn to make, like hair bows and stuff. I have friends that know how to do that too. One friend makes the cutest headbands and flowers so if I get a girl I'm definitely going to be ordering some.


Crazy Working Mom said...

Hey Kara!
It's been a while since I've been able to visit blogs. I wanted to stop by and say hi! :)

I can sew a button on, but that's about it. Not much else I can do with sewing...thank goodness I've got a MIL who doesn't mind doing it for me if I need it. :)

Michelle said...

I can but it doesn't look good lol. But hey, I can get it on there! I've seen people make dresses out of shirts and they're very talented. My craft gene needs help. :P