Friday, August 20, 2010

My sister has better taste than me

I'm so thankful for my sister who loaned me her maternity clothes. I have some, and a lot of my regular shirts are stretchy enough to work as maternity shirts, but it is nice to have more options. Plus my sister has great taste so her clothes are much cuter than mine. And hers have only gone through one pregnancy and not 3 lol. I've been enjoying having cute comfy shirts to wear. Her maternity pants are much nicer than mine too. They aren't apple bottom jeans, but they are really great. My maternity jeans get all saggy in the rear end area, but hers fit perfect and you can't even tell they are maternity jeans when I have a shirt covering the stretchy waist. I need to find out where she got them so I can get a pair a size larger. These fit perfect now, but the waist is already a bit uncomfortable because of my c-section scars, so a size bigger would be nice so they aren't quiet as tight. I need to get my box of maternity clothes sorted out now and see what I have that will work during winter since it's been a few years since I've needed them.

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Michelle said...

New preggo clothes is so fun! That's nice she let you borrow hers. :)