Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A sucker born every minute

It looks like I may have a thumb sucker this time. Neither of my other boys cared about sucking their thumbs, but the last few days Nathan has managed to find his thumb a few times. In one way this is nice because maybe he will eventually be able to use it to soothe himself, plus it is just so dang cute! But in another way I don't like it, because I know giving up thumb sucking is a lot harder than a pacifier- I know people in their teens who still suck their thumb- and I don't want it to affect his teeth later on. So I guess I just wait and see if he keeps it up.


Anonymous said...

Daniel started the same thing a few months back and like you I felt bitter sweet about. It was good for self soothing but bad for habit making. Oddly enough he just seems to do it off and on...he's now 6 mths but I can't tell if it's a habit or a phase yet.

Anonymous said...

I think thumbsuckers are so cute! My babies only sucked their thumbs for a very short time.