Saturday, April 03, 2010

Love my cute nephew

One of my sister's came over today and spent most of the day. We dyed eggs and the kids had an Easter egg hunt. It was so fun. Of course I now have 3 dozen eggs I need to find a use for. I'm going to make some deviled eggs, and egg salad sandwiches are good. I sent some home with my sister too. I also played cards with my sister for a few hours. We played Nertz and I won. Her baby boy is just 6 months younger than my Nathan so it's nice to have a cousin close to his age to play with. He's just starting to walk and he is the cutest little chubby baby. It's like there's human growth hormone in her milk. My kids grow so slow and never get that chubby, so it's fun to get to kiss his squishy cheeks and tickle his rolly thighs. And he is such a happy baby too. And very photogenic. It's fun having a cute baby nephew to play with. Hopefully him and Nathan grow up to be good friends.

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