Saturday, April 03, 2010

Easter with the family

Last night we had most of my family come over for Easter dinner and it was so fun! I made ham, cheesy potatoes, rolls, salad, and cobbler. My mom brought her yummy potato salad, my sister's family brought a delicious fruit salad, and my brother and sil brought the drinks and cups. We barely had enough room in the kitchen with everyone who came, and that was only because I rigged up an extra table with the piano stand and a board and brought in the piano bench, a low table, and the desk chairs for extra seating. Crowded but fun. Then we played games and my inlaws showed up for the weekend so even more people. Great times. After eating so much, especially the yummy cobblers I made, I feel like I need to join a weight loss program to get back on track. I haven't been eating as much fruits and veggies and haven't been drinking my 64oz of water each day. Plus the late nights and busy days and I'm tired! But it's worth it. I love spending time with our families and playing games and sitting around eating and talking. I love that we have a house big enough for entertaining too. It's nice to be able to invite everyone over.

Tomorrow we will be giving the boys their Easter baskets, which won't really have a lot since we've all had more than enough candy already. Then we are going to just relax and enjoy our Sunday watching conference. I'm going to make french toast for breakfast with my homemade french bread, and dinner will be easy bbq ribs in the crockpot. I still need to clean up in the kitchen from the last few days, but it shouldn't be too hard cuz at least I got 2 loads of dishes done today.


Ladybug said...

Mmmm your dinner sounds delicious! That was nice of you to have everyone over and you do all the cooking. Glad it went well and everyone had fun! Hope your Easter went well too. :D

Have you spoken to Melissa by chance?

Kara said...

I got her message on FB