Monday, April 26, 2010


We had a wonderful Easter dinner at my house with my family the Friday before Easter. It was crowded but so much fun, and I actually managed to fit everyone in the kitchen by making a makeshift extra table with my piano stand and a board, bringing in the office chairs, piano bench and a low table for extra seating, and sitting my 3 boys at their little Cars table. I believe we had 17 people in the kitchen lol. The dinner was yummy and then we spent a few hours playing games, watching TV, and chatting. My inlaws showed up some time after dinner (good thing we made plenty of food!) and joined the fun. Unfortunately I didn't get pics except this one of the boys at their table:

Then on Saturday my sister's family came over to dye eggs and do an egg hunt with the kids. We had to do the hunt inside cuz it was cold and snowy outside.

Easter morning we hid the boys baskets in a bedroom and had them find their basket. Obviously Nathan's wasn't really hidden lol. Grandma Cindy brought a few more presents from the Easter Bunny, a cute outfit and toy car each.

Grandma Meg came over later and the boys had a blast playing with her netbook, perfect size for little kids lol.

Oops, guess I forgot to rotate a few pics, oh well. :D We had a great Easter. The boys (and me) ate way too much candy but it was still a lot of fun.

Holy cow, I just noticed that Jason and Jakey wore the same clothes for almost 3 days, oops! Obviously with that busy weekend I kind of forgot to make them change until they got their new outfits Sunday morning. Bad mommy moment :P

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