Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesday To-Do

Today I need to:

* Clean family room and vacuum Done!

* Dishes

* A few loads of laundry, and fold

* Clean playroom- done already, but will need done again later, it's already trashed

* Mop kitchen

* Make dinner

Not much I need to do today, just some cleaning. I'm glad I got the family room done, it's been such a mess from Easter.


Barb said...

Boy.. I wouldn't even want to think about listing all the things I should be doing. LOL!

Sooo.. when ya gonna play HoT again? (Wink.)

Kara said...

I'll try to join HoT next week Barb! I've gotten out of the habit of most weekly memes since moving and am slowly adding them back in :)