Monday, March 24, 2008

Just one of those days

Some days my children are almost perfect angels and everything they do is adorable. And then there are far more days where they make me want to rip out my hair and lock myself in the bathroom. Today was one of those days. I decided to tackle the playroom this morning. Ever since we moved in we had just thrown all the toys down there and let the boys go wild, it was a complete disaster, but we had other things to do and never got around to organizing it. So I put up some shelves and the hanging stuffed animal thing in the corner and started trying to get all the toys put away. Jakey would help randomly, bringing me everything except the toys I asked for at that point, but at least he was trying. Jason on the other hand just sat there acting like he couldn't hear me and refusing to help. Unfortunately I lack patience with that act and I blew up and yelled at him and spanked him. More than once. And then I felt like the most horrible mother in the world so I spent the next hour apologizing to him. And then when I came upstairs they got on the counter (there is a sink in the playroom, not sure why exactly) and got water everywhere. So I spanked him again, and apologized again. I shut off the water to that sink and got a bunch of towels to clean up the mess. Unfortunately I didn't know that the valve that shuts off the water leaks in the "off" position, until I checked an hour later and found the wet spot even wetter and had to turn it back on and hope they don't get up there again. Then while I was making lunch Jason refused to clean up toys in the living room. Yep, spanked again, and apologized even more, feeling crummy and like a terrible person. Boy I need some help with patience some days. Luckily, after lunch they both took a nap and the day has gone much better. It is nice and sunny and warm out and I think I might send them with Hubby to the playground to play while I make dinner.


Stacey said...

It's hard being a mom,I have had many days like that. I hope your night is better.

Thia said...

I pray that today goes better for you all. Many hugs! I know "those days" all too well. I pass the virtual bag of chocolate to you.

Beth said...

Yes, I've often reflected on how I *thought* I was a patient person ... then I had kids! It can be SO HARD some days -- I'm sure you are tired (being pregnant and trying to tackle that huge playroom task while simultaneously keeping track of two little ones) and that makes it even tougher!!

I hope today is going LOTS better for ya!