Sunday, March 23, 2008

Fix up

We love our new house. Of course, it's only 'new' to us, it is actually about 15 years old, and there are definitely some things we'd like to update eventually. I think part of the fun of owning a home is making changes to it. Like our old house we fixed up the backyard so it was usable. We would've done some work inside if we'd been there longer. Here I'd like to update the kitchen with stuff like granite countertops, wood or tile floors, and new appliances. And the upstairs bathrooms could use new countertops and floorings too (not too into the pink and green). Hopefully we can be able to find the materials for good prices, like the commercials for directbuy that you can get manufacturer prices. You know what's funny? At the exact moment that I typed in DirectBuy, a commercial for it came on lol. Must be a sign. :)

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