Saturday, March 22, 2008

Egg Hunt

Today we took the boys to the park for an Easter egg hunt. It was madness! I think everyone in the entire city, and their dog, was there. And of course the little kid section was at the farthest end of the park so we got there about 30 seconds before it started. Also, I was alone with 2 kids in different age groups, so I had to just let Jason go into the 2 and under age group with me and Jakey, but that was fine, other parents did that too. And it was nice that the young kids group was less hectic than the older groups, cuz the kids were slower, so we actually got some eggs. Jakey loved it, he'd find a bunch of eggs, sit down, pick up a few before they were all gone, then get up to go to another area. Jason wasn't too sure about it and only picked up eggs when I told him too, but at least he did it faster than Jakey. On the way home Jason kept saying "That was fun!" and Jakey did not want to let go of his basket for anything. I didn't get any pictures during the egg hunt cuz it went way too fast and Hubby had the camera (he was trying to find a parking spot), but we got some pics after with their stuff, I'll probably post them after tomorrow when we have more Easter pics. So it was a fun morning and I'm glad the boys had fun.

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