Friday, August 17, 2012

No spare

Half of this week I did not have a vehicle to get around. When we went up to Idaho last weekend Hubby accidentally left the car keys there, which meant he had to take the van to work while we waited for his mom to mail us the car keys. Luckily I usually don't have anywhere to go during the day, I only missed a moms of twins club meeting. We really need to get extra keys made for the vehicles since we only have 1 for each, but we'd have to get them special ordered from the dealerships which is expensive. We are planning to upgrade to a larger vehicle some time next year, and I think when we do we will make sure there's at least 1 extra key included lol.


Allison said...

A similar thing happened to me...locked myself and kids out of the car. My husband has the other key, but he works in a different city an hour away. Ended up having to take a bus home (lucky that was an option!) and learned my lesson! I now have 2 DIFFERENT spare keys with 2 other people! :) Better to be prepared.

Clare said...

That's the problem with modern cars, it costs a fortune to get a new key cut.